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I am a photographer who loves capturing sweet and stunning moments on camera. I currently live in the Logan, Utah area. However, I do travel to Idaho Falls and Salt Lake from time to time. Please contact me for a session if you live around these areas.
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Nikki and Kade Maternity/Family Photos

Nikki is going to have a little boy soon.

Right now baby boy is just renting her tummy until he wants to come out and play! hee hee!

Until then....

they are enjoying some alone time.


Norte said...

That red door is truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome Christy! I love your pictures! Honestly if we were there or you were here I would rent you for 2 hours right now (or whatever the deal is :D). I want family pictures. Someday...but I have to do it soon before you become huge and then I'll have to pay BIG bucks to rent you :D
I love all your pictures!

Nikki and Kade said...

Thanks so much,Christy! They turned out beautifully!! We'll be back for more when the baby is here :)

Holly said...

Great job! You are SO professional! :) And SOOO creative. I LOVE them ALL!

Laura and Connel said...

Wow Christy! Maybe I could have you take some pics when I come home in December...I love all the creativity and variety!

Justin & Michelle Klingler said...

Hey sistah, you are way good at this. Thanks for taking those pictures of Bronson. They turned out really good. You are so creative! I think you have found you niche.

Love ya,